Tenets – Five Keys

background-constitutionOur Tenets or Five Keys of Project Red Team: Operation High Speed Low Drag, reflect the values most familiar to Veterans but relate to the Business Mission, Vision, and Values. We have prioritized and defined these significant Military Service philosophies and tied them to desirable Business behaviors. This helps both the Veteran and the Business  find commonality, build a trusting relationship, and foster commitment that is vital for success of the organization. Our Goal is not to build Militaristic Organizations but to Use the Psychology of the Warrior Ethos and its talents to better enhance the organizational Success.  Win – Win -Win: A Win for the Organization, A Win For the Team, and Win For the  Individual.

golden-keyCombat Engineering – Bridge the Gap – While this is not part of the Warrior Ethos, this is the foundation of commonality and trust. We bridge the Knowledge Gap in order to teach Businesses about the Military and The Veteran Mindset to look past the Service Members Title to Find the Real Asset inside. Conversely, we teach the Veteran about the Business mindset and how it correlates to their Service Assets. We re-enable a follower Mindset. To be great leaders we must understand Followership.  True leadership must have followership. If your too big to Follow your too little to Lead.

keyMission First – Mission Oriented Business Integration (MOBI)– With this key we assist both the Business and the Veteran in understanding the value of creating a shared vision, getting buy in to the mission of the organization, the complexity of general directives vs task delegation and the importance of building trust in the relationship. We emphasize the importance of Coaching, Performance reviews, and an introduction to Team building.

golden-keyNever Accept Defeat – Challenge them to Stretch Beyond themselves (Mental PT) – Veterans are driven souls and in this section we dispel myths about Veterans and give both the Business Unit and the Veteran Challenges and Problem Solving Skills to stretch and grow. Both can benefit from the adaptability of the Veteran to adapt and overcome obstacles. From Great Struggles come Great Organizations.  Perseverance and a Positive Attitude are great Companions.

keyNever Quit – Veterans are a Driven Unit of Character, Commitment, Competence, and Courage. – Engaging the Business in understanding the intrinsic value of the leader within the veteran. For Project Red Team we venture into the Indispensable Qualities of a Leader. For Operation High Speed Low Drag we focus on Traits that will hone their leadership while giving them understanding of Followership and skills to rise and perform.

golden-keyNever Leave a Fallen Comrade – Teamwork is Key – Trusted techniques to building a team. Both Leadership Track and the Followership track get the benefit of Everyone Communicates Few Connect, the Principles of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. We promote the values of trust, conflict management, commitment, and accountability to achieve the results. Together the Veterans and the Organization overcome obstacles and motivate in the  same direction.




Bridging the Gap in Veteran to Business Relationships